Tater and Tot

Just a little dirt from my Tater Patch.


A Fairy Tale.

Once upon a time,

There was a blogger who wished that, on a day like today, her writing was anonymous.

So she could rant, rave, moan, complain, and live happily ever after.

The end.



Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I know it's a little early, and usually this letter writing tradition is saved for the children, but I just can't help it. I think that I've been really, really, really sort of good this year, and want you to be the first to see my Christmas list. So, Santa, here are the things that I deserve want under my tree on the 25th.

1. A dishwasher. No, not the machine, I already have that. I want a Dish Washer, with a first and last name. Preferably one who can also cook.

2. A new clever way to get the laundry from downstairs to upstairs that doesn't involve me doing anything. I won't be offended if you just decide to leave me a spare elf - as long as he can put it away, too.

3. Twelve sick days a year.

4. My same two cats, only hairless.

5. One full day off a month. Bonus points if I can get at least part of that day alone in my house.

6. An easy button.

Thank you, Mr. Claus, for your consideration to this list. I will continue to be a good girl until Christmas morning after the presents are dished out. If these things aren't under my tree, all bets are off, and I may lose my sweet disposition.


I've never really started a meme before, but there is a first time for everything, so, everyone, consider yourself tagged. If you wanna write your own letter to Santa, leave me a note in the comments so we can check it out!



What a Crock.

Since so many of you (read: 4) have been pining for a recipe from the Queen of the Crockpot, I'll oblige and share one of the simplest recipes EVAH!! Can you say 3 ingredients?

Chicken and Gravy

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (frozen or fresh)
Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom soup (1 family size or 2 small cans - or more if you like lots of gravy)
1 Envelope Dry Onion soup Mix
Dump all of that in the crockpot and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours or on high for 3 or 4 hours (until chicken is cooked through.) I like to serve mine with mashed potatoes and green beans.

A little advice from the self-appointed Queen of the Crockpot:
Always, always, always spray your crock with no-stick cooking spray. It makes clean-up a breeze, and it's a whole lot less expensive than the liners.
Dont worry, I won't charge you for that.



The Entertainer

Mrs. Chicken, the Questor that she is, posted a link for an online personality test, and I thought to myself, "Self, why don't you jump on over there and take it yourself?" So I did.

Now, as I sit and write to tell you what kind of personality I have, I am actually listening to the song "The Entertainer". I think that in the spirit of all things punny, you, too, should listen as you read. Click on the link above. Here are the results of my test:

ESFP - "Entertainer". Radiates attractive warmth and optimism. Smooth, witty, charming, clever. Fun to be with. Very generous. 8.5% of the total population.

I've spent my entire life trying to convince people that I am witty, charming, and clever. Now there's proof.
So take that.



More about Meme

So, according to Mr. Bing,
"You've got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with Mister In-Between."

So, in an attempt to eliminate the negative, I bring you 10 things I like about me...

1. I'm a good mom.
2. I'm quite level headed.
3. I can decorate a Bea-Utiful Christmas Tree.
4. Although I'm certainly not the best, I do like that I like to write. (Did that make any sense?)
5. My quick wit. (Not to be confused with my quick temper.)
6. I can make people laugh.
7. I'm a great organizer. (Anywhere but my home.)
8. I'm very compassionate.
9. I pride myself on being a Queen of the Crockpot.
10. I throw the best birthday party in the world.

And again, I want to pass this along to my regular attenders or anyone else who gets a hankerin' to brag on yourself. Jot me a comment to let me know!



Hold on tight.

I want you to hold on tight to those that you love.

Wives, go hug your husbands.
Husbands, please kiss your wives.
Mommies, tell your babies just how much you love them. And look at them smile. And smile back.

Right now.

She was 29. She had two sons. She wrote of a funny conversation on October 27th that she had with her youngest in the car. She had an adoring husband. They had just renewed their vows on October 15th for their tenth wedding anniversary.

She was healthy the last week of October.

She died today.

Her name was Barbara Jamie Bearden Kilpatrick.
He called her BJ.
They called her Mommy.



All about Meme.

Thanks to my great friend Karen over at Mommy's Dirty Little Secret, I have been memed. I have been asked to list for you 10 things I hate about me. Only 10? Are you serious? Okay, here goes...

1. My post-pregnancy-2-babies-in-14-months-one-of-which-was-"blessed"-with-polyhydramnios stomach.
2. My smart mouth.
3. My big butt.
4. My lack of patience.
5. My quick temper. (Not to be confused with my quick wit.)
6. My lack of singing abilities.
7. My lack of motivation to exercise.
8. My housekeeping abilities. (or lack thereof)
9. My pack rat tendencies. (not to be confused with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop - they were the Ratpack.)
10. My ability to take on way more than I can handle, but somehow handle anyway, which leads me to taking on more, because I know that somehow I will handle it.

And so, with no further ado, I pass the torch to any of my regular visitors. Riddle me this - what are 10 things that you hate about you? Let me know in the comments section if you decided to play. I would just love to know where your insecurities lie...



A sad day in November.

Yes, dear readers, it is a sad day in November. What is this world coming to? What are these people thinking? Now many of you may be so excited that you feel like shouting from the rooftops, while others may in a deep depression and feel like everything you know has failed you.
I must say, that I am in total shock. I know, I know, many of you saw this coming. But listen, I keep up with the news and the articles and the interviews. I try and keep up with the rumors and the retraction of rumors and the "proof" that the rumors are true, and the "facts" that make the rumors false, but still, I did not see this one coming. I don't know what this world is coming to. Everything that we think is stable and true and sure, all things that we think keep us safe and secure and allow us to tuck our kids into bed at night and know that, at least tonight, everything will be okay, has been taken from us. It happened so fast. And I worry. I worry about the children and the future. Because if the stability that we have come to rely on is pulled like a worn rug out from uner our cold feet, then nothing that we know or depend on is sacred. I wonder what is going to happen next, and I am frightened.

And I don't want to be frightened.

I just want Britney and Kevin to stay together.
Because it is relationships like theirs that keep this nation going.
So, dear readers, I ask you again. What is this world coming to?

What did you think I was talking about? Because surely you know by now that I don't talk politics!



Yep, still sick.

So...I went to the doctor yesterday and he said I was sick.
I have infection somewhere. It could be in my sinuses, my throat, or my right ear. He thinks it could be the same germ as the girls, so he gave me an antibiotic, some cough syrup with codeine, told me to take Musinex and Advil. Although I am feeling a little better, I'm now pumped up with meds that make me tired. So, I have nothing clever and witty to write today.

So, I figure I'll just link you to one of my favorite earlier posts. What?, you say. You haven't been posting long enough to have archives old enough to repost! Well, you are right. But maybe it'll be like NBC summertime Thursdays...you know, "New To You". Har.

I'm off to take more medicine. So read this. Seriously. Read it. It's funny.



I'm sick and tired...

...of being sick and tired.

I must say that it really stinks to be a SAHM and be sick. I have spent pretty much the entire day passed out on the couch, feverish, coughing, eyes burning, and trying not to swallow because my throat hurts so bad. Now, that would stink if you were any kind of mom, working or not. The problem lies wherein my children are home with me and know that I am sick, and that I'm probably not going to get off of the couch to dicipline anything they do. And I can't talk above a whisper today, so they absolutely can ignore my futile attemps at warnings. They really are smart little boogers.
I forgot to feed them lunch. They climbed on a chair to find chips and I half-opened my eyes long enough to open the little packs. They were probably drinking out of old cups. I almost forgot to give them their antibiotic. I have no idea how much candy they have ingested today. I can't bring myself to look for wrappers. They probably tortured the cats. And each other. And me, but I don't remember if they did.
If I took a picture of my house and posted it, someone would call someone so that someone would come and have a serious conversation with me. I have no clean dishes. I have no clean laundry. I believe that my husband has worn the same pants for two days. Or not. I haven't really looked at him long enough to know. There are toys, shoes, cups, diapers, clothes, candy, and anything else imaginable strung over every available space in my entire downstairs. And don't get me started on the upstairs.

I guess I should go to the doctor. At least then I would be sitting on the couch instead of laying down.