Tater and Tot

Just a little dirt from my Tater Patch.


Because Tomorrow I Won't Remember...

...what I don't want to forget today.

You are 4. You are rotten. The end.

You call yourself the medium sister. No "middle" for you and you in no way fit the middle child mold. Your brownish blonde hair is unkempt and your bangs are always too long. Your eyes are big and as brown as chocolate and look just like your daddy's. You have the biggest toothy smile I have ever seen and it literally takes over a room.

You are funny. You are so funny and you know that you are funny. You have a unique sense of timing and can crack everyone up without even trying. You are emotional. You get your feelings hurt so easily and you are not easily persuaded to get over it and move on. You can pout for hours. Actually, a more accurate observation would be that you can be stubborn for hours. The pouting can be over but the stubbornness takes control and really just won't let you lose.
You know no strangers. You are every one's friend and have absolutely no sense of stranger danger. You tell everything you know and always have a story - even if it is not true. You get upset because I won't encourage you to hug every cashier or restaurant patron we encounter goodbye. I'm not kidding. You are genuinely sweet and caring, charming and friendly. You are the apple of your teachers' eyes and always ready for a friendly chat.

You are never quiet. You are always making some kind of noise and never, ever, ever stop. Even in your sleep you cry out with one loud sigh or another. You love sound effects and music, and are an incredibly talented singer. You learn the words to songs super fast and always have one in your mind that you sing over and over again. Sometimes, I don't even think that you realize that you are making noises, it just comes naturally.

You are always on the move. Whether it be jumping, climbing, twirling or just digging your toe in the dirt, you always have something to do. You are quite busy and rarely to you ever just sit for a break. You do not, however, put this exciting energy into eating. You are one of the slowest eaters I have ever known. But even then, you are moving.

You love to please those in charge. You are quite complacent and love to be praised for your first time obedience. You will do some things without being asked and are very aware of other's feelings. You are a rule memorizer, follower, and repeater. You love to tell the rules to others who aren't following them. I'm not always sure that this is because you are trying to be helpful but instead because you are legalistic.

You are independent, enchanting, entertaining, and emotional. You are headstrong and fun; one extreme to the other. You are my angel baby, my "medium" - my second born daughter.

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