Tater and Tot

Just a little dirt from my Tater Patch.


I'm Scared I'll Forget to Remember...

...what you are like right this moment.

You are newly six. Your hair is past your shoulders and your smile is contagious. Snaggle-toothed, but definitely contagious. You lost your first two bottom baby teeth and like to tell everyone you meet. Your baby sister knocked you the other morning and now you swear that the top one is loose, too. You were thrilled with the tooth fairy and want her to come back again soon.

You are smarter than you should be allowed and finished kindergarten with flying colors. You adored your teacher, and the feeling was mutual. You quickly made friends and are an equal opportunity comrade. Your teacher commented to me many times how you are never tied down to one group, and are always looking for ways to make everyone feel included. You are becoming a viracious reader and just today received your first library card. You are so proud and feel so big because of it.

You are a worrier. You think things over and through and under and behind. Whether it is bees, dogs, wind or splinters, you always have something on your mind. You often miss out on some new things because you are so cautious. Sometimes you talk to us about these things and sometimes you hold it all in, but you are almost always processing something and weighing the pros and cons. You always look before you leap.

While you most certainly aim to please, you have your moments where your attitude leads me to wonder whether you are six or sixteen. You like to be in charge and don't always agree with my decisions or directives. You are stubborn but sensitive. You don't like to be wrong.
You are a wonderful big sister. You step into the mommy role as easily as you step into your flip flops. You love to give orders, threats, and hugs. The little girls look up to you and do most anything you say without question. You are beginning to dish out sage kindergarten advice to your next step down - "they do not allow bathroom breaks during nap time. If they do, everyone thinks they have to go. Make sure you go at the end of lunch" - and sister is soaking it all in.

You are a charmer, a pleaser, a pouter, a reasoner, a thinker, a friend. You are sweet and sassy, sugar and spice. You are and will forever be - my first baby.

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