Tater and Tot

Just a little dirt from my Tater Patch.


A Fairy Tale.

Once upon a time,

There was a blogger who wished that, on a day like today, her writing was anonymous.

So she could rant, rave, moan, complain, and live happily ever after.

The end.



At 7:51 AM, Anonymous Becky said...

There is a place somewhere in this blogosphere that you can do just that. I think it is called the basement, but I don't remember the site! Hope your day gets much much better! I love ya.

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Mom101 said...

Ya know?

I could have written this today. For real. I can only hope for the happily ever after part though.

Hope things go better for you.

At 12:29 AM, Blogger Heather said...

The basement is at Her Bad Mother I believe.

Yeah, most of my family now reads my blog too. It doesn't matter to me most of the time...but once in a while...!

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

I've been there and sooo get where you're coming from.

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Mrs. Chicken said...

Oh yes, yes, yes and yes. Are things better now? Hope so.

I did your meme.


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