Tater and Tot

Just a little dirt from my Tater Patch.


A little randomness - because I'm pregnant, and I can.

I don't know about you, but every time I'm pregnant, it seems as though my mind goes in 55 different directions. With that being said, this post will reflect the randomness of my mind.

  • I should be packing for vacation. We are leaving this afternoon, and I still have tons left to do. Instead, I am sitting and reading and typing. And dry heaving. Fun times!
  • My doctor's appointment on Tuesday went great. We are due February 10th, and I go for my first ultrasound in a couple of weeks! I'm so excited to see Small Fry! Sorry to dissapoint, but no pretend pregnancy to e-mail you about!
  • I got Tater and Tot some tiny, tiny Crocs. They have toddler sizes now (6/7 is the smallest). They don't want to take them off. They wear their nightshirts, diapers, and Crocs. Tater cries to wear her's to bed. If you have a hard time getting sandals that stay on little feet, this is the absolute best way to go. With is awesome advertisement, the Crocs company are welcome to send me 2 more pair in size 6/7.
  • I've been wondering if anyone wants to put any sort of guest post on my blog while I'm on vacation. Let me know if you wanna!
  • Did I mention that I should be doing laundry and packing?
  • Gilmore Girls will have new writers next season. I'm curious as to whether the show will be as good as it was in past seasons. I'm anticipating that next season will have to have some huge storylines to keep it's audience.
  • My friend, Kelly, wrote a blog-length comment about her bosoms on my site. I wonder if she realizes that my dad reads my blog. Anyhoo, Kelly is one of the greatest storytellers I know. I think I will start a petition to have her share some of those great stories with us here in Blogdom. Maybe a rally of some sort, too. I'll post details as they become available. She is the one who introduced me to the big world of blogging. She's the one who should be here.
  • I changed this post so you are able to see the picture without having to link to it. I did not realize that you had to be a member of something or another to pull it up.
  • I'm taking my computer with me on vacation, so if I have time in between napping on the beach and napping on the deck and napping in the bed, I'll let you all know what is going on!

Thanks for tuning in and putting up with this static of random thoughts! Now, I must go pack.



BJH, class of 2006

Okay, here are the stats. 18 visitors. 3 days. 2 comments*. 1 uncool 7th grader sitting at the lunch table all alone.
I just assumed that after posting this, I would receive a little more fanfare from my Blogdom Junior High classmates and teachers. But instead, I'm the slightly overweight, new girl from the county schools, transfer at a really bad time, have no friends, un-cool girl sitting back at the corner table, picking at my pepperoni "pizza" and praying that someone, anyone, would think it fun to have a real conversation with me. And did I mention the teased hair and jelly bracelets? I guess some things never change. Or so I've heard.

Some people don't do it because they are hoping that people will actually read and comment. I'm not one of those people.

*Please do not think, Karen and Tennessee Mama, that I am not extremely thankful for your comments on said subject. I know where my friends are, and I will share the love. Thanks again!



Chocolate milk, Vegetables, Doritos, Kool-Aid, and a French Fry .

Question of the day...

What do all of these seemingly unrelated things have in common?

Oh no, dear friends, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The + sign in the window on the left and the - in the window on the right , as far as I can tell, = only one thing. There is a hint of a tiny tater root growing in my tummy!

Now, let me quickly tell you what the above list of items have in common. Chocolate milk has been a staple in my first trimester diets for both of my previous pregnancies. This one is obviously no different. If I thought I could live on chocolate milk, it is all that would go in to my mouth. Vegetables also have been a common denominator for Tater and Tot while they were growing in my belly. Again, this is no different.
This is, however, where the food similarities thus far end. I haven't had a bag of Doritos in years. Until one night when, on an impulse and before a positive test, I picked up a bag to go along with my chicken salad and my quart (quart!) of chocolate milk. Then there is the Kool-Aid. I have always liked it. Never have had anything against it. It is not, however, my general choice when it comes to quenching my thirst. I like sweet tea, and can usually drink Coke by the gallon jug. But for the past few days, Kool-Aid is all I can think about. And it has almost been all that I can drink. I'm having a tall glass of black cherry as I sit here typing.

And then there is the French Fry. I guess that will have to be the name of the new addition to my tater patch. Although I don't believe that it is possible to grow tater tots or french fries, you know what I mean.
I feel a little "previous" (just for you daddy, cw, and td) in sharing this news with anyone before I have actually been to the doctor, I just can't hold it in any longer. My nearby, actually met in person, know their hair color and what kind of car they drive - friends whose faces I could pick out in a lineup (unlike most of my "blogdom" friends) - already know and may be wondering if I was only playing tricks on them since I haven't written anything about it here. Besides, Kelly doesn't have to be quite so ambiguous now! :)
If after two positive pregnancy tests, a missed period, dry heaves, extreme exhaustion, chocolate milk, and a plate of vegetables, I go to the doctor on Tuesday and they tell me it is my imagination, I figure every one will understand. If not, let me know, and I can keep sending you private e-mails sharing all of the imaginary details of my psychosomatic pregnancy. Either way.



Do you smell that? Part III

Okay, I’m here to try and finish this smelly story. When we last spoke of the shampoo memories of 2004, I was talking about the imminent birth of one little Tot. After those 2 or so weeks in the hospital, my husband walked around my bed and kissed me goodbye so he could go home for the evening. And, yep, you guessed it, my water finally broke. And when I say broke, I mean BROKE! For around 45 minutes, my bed filled and filled and filled some more with amniotic fluid. And I couldn’t get out of it. The whole cord-prolapsing/placental abruption/hemorrhaging thing prevented me from being able to jump up out of bed. Gross, right? Yeah, I think so, too. Well, after placental abruption, slight hemorrhage, and a baby who wasn’t tolerating labor very well, I was whisked away to the operating room for an emergency C-section.
I lay in that cold, bright, sterile room and realized that everything in my life was about to change. I just didn’t realize quite how much it was going to change. They cut, they tugged, they pulled and prodded, and finally, they lifted my little preemie right out of my stomach.
And she cried. And I cried. And then she stopped crying. And the nurses and doctors stopped talking. And I felt like I couldn’t breathe. And I asked what was wrong. And I got no answers. Only silence. Scary, scary, scary silence. No crying. No talking. Just silence.
They brought her around the curtain for 2 ½ seconds so I could see her. And then they took her away to the NICU.
And I didn’t see her again for 8 hours.

*Obviously, I have not finished this story. It turns out, to my surprise, that it is a little harder to share than I first thought. I will finish, just not today. Please bear with me. Your patience is appreciated.



Oh Yeah, I Was Doing That Blog Thing. Looks Like I Forgot.

Just kidding. I didn't really forget. Like Anonymous said in a comment from the last post (obviously not one of my parents) I have been incredibly busy with our Vacation Bible School at church. What a wonderful experience it has been! I was the 1st and 2nd grade teacher, along with one co-teacher, and we had 30 kids almost every night. Thirty loud, sweaty, smelly, talkative, and did I say loud? kids - and it was wonderful!! Our church is in a lower income neighborhood and most of these kids need love so bad it can just break your heart. For some of them it seems like they spend the majority of their time getting in trouble instead of getting hugged. It truly is a sad situation. So, it can be a terribly hard week. But we try so hard to make the kids know what it's like to be accepted and praised and loved and able to spend at least 6 nights of their summer just worrying about being kids. It's so fulfilling and such a blessing to be able to experience a closeness with kids that you might not otherwise get to know. Needless to say, however, I'm tired.
On a another note,Tater and Tot both got to experience their first VBS this week, and both had a wonderful time! The commencement ceremony was tonight and the kids all got to perform the songs that they had learned throughout the week, complete with motions. Of course, Tater and Tot and I had been practicing every day with our own copy of the CD, and the girls were precious up in front of all the families dancing their little hearts out! Between me, Nana, and Papaw, there were enough laughs and tears to last all month. I was very impressed with their dancing abilities. They obviously got their their rhythm from me. Enough said.
After I detox from the 30 kids (32 if you count my own) I will continue the smelly post from so, so long ago. Even if I have no one left to read it!