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The Word According To...

The following is brought to you by our resident theologian, Tater, who is dressed in the traditional scholar attire: a princess Pull-Up, Sunday sandals on the wrong feet, a plastic fireman's hat, and a pink passie. She is curled in a ball on the bottom shelf of my end table telling me that she is a puppy, and she is "twying to sweep." I'm not sure, but this may be a part of the studying process. These are things that are beyond my understanding, but I do not question them. Accoring to Tater, the first four books of the New Testament in the Bible are as follows:

Warry and

I also believe that somewhere towards the back of the Bible there is a First and Second Larry Boy and the Book of June-er. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can present to the Professor of New Testament studies. She will be happy to answer, but not until after nap.

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At 10:01 AM, Blogger Tennessee Mama said...

This is just precious!

So glad you found me and commented on my blog! It is so good to find you too! I've been looking for other Tennessee Blogging Mommies!

I'll be checking you out more in the future! And you are doing just find! I've never figured out how to do a blogroll! Or put a picture of myself (or as in your case the tater tots - very cute!). I think learning to manage our blogs must be a process like the rest of our lives!

At 9:35 PM, Blogger va momma said...

Just thought I'd catch up on your website. I have to say I love it. Especially the investigative reporting! I will admit my 2 are just as sneaky! I was so honored you mentioned us on your site!!! Wow! I feel famous. I hope we will be able to do it more, maybe this summer. Give my love to tater and tot


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